Sehw Architektur gewinnt Iconic Award 2022


Architecture is a highly competitive business. And Sehw is right at the heart of this competition. We face competitive situations every day: the war for talents to win the best colleagues for our team, the competition in the market to secure commissions, competitions and tender procedures of private and public clients to obtain exciting projects and, once the projects are completed, to win awards and thus recognition among the professional audience and increasingly also among an interested public with an affinity for architecture. And we do this with great success!

“the desire to succeed in a highly competitive business”

It all started with a competition that we won. It was about the redesign of an event centre in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district. It was never realised due to a lack of money on the part of the client. But it generated a lot of publicity. … and the desire to succeed in this competition.

Competitions in recent years