Vorplatz der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam.

Inclusive learning and living space

Primary school at Jungfernsee, Potsdam

Build Architecture Award
BDA Preis
German Design Award 2022
The Plan Award

Potsdam is growing and needs new schools. The new elementary school is located in the north of Potsdam in the heart of the listed Red Barracks ensemble. The three-wing structure provides clear exterior distribution and interlocks the building within its surroundings. With its clinker brick façade, it blends into the ensemble, while the way in which it is designed makes it stand out as a new building block. The individual classrooms line up around a green courtyard, thereby making good exposure and a simple orientation possible. The clear external structure continues on the interior. In continuity with the main entrance a large foyer is planned. All parts of the building are easy to find and accessible from here. The gym, the multi-purpose room, the after-school rooms, and the administration are located on the ground floor. On the upper floors, the homerooms of the students are clearly arranged in six cluster areas.

Vorplatz der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam.
Schulgarten der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam. Grundschule am Jungfernsee im Kontext der Nachbarbebauungen in Potsam.

“A symbiotic interaction of architecture, organisation and pedagogy”

Schools have developed into all-day and inclusive learning and living spaces. The new schools need spatial concepts that can be used flexibly. For this purpose, the big school is divided into several small organisational units, the small schools or clusters. This organisation in clusters makes it possible to create semi-autonomous social-spatial units in large schools, which are manageable for pupils and teachers and allow a sense of home to develop. These pedagogical objectives lead to new architectural requirements. Architecture becomes a pedagogue. Of course, there are also ‘normal’ classrooms but not exclusively. Lessons may also take place in other, informal areas: for example, on the large stairway with integrated seating levels in the foyer, in the courtyards designed as green classrooms and in the openable spaces at the end of each cluster area.

Cluster mit Spielpodest und Innenhof der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam.
Foyer mit Sitztreppe und Blick in die Mensa der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam. Zentrale Halle im Obergeschoss der Grundschule am Jungfernsee, Potsam.
  • Project type

    New construction

  • Purpose


  • GFA

    8,461 m²

  • Project status

    Completed 2020

  • Period

    2016 – 2020

  • Procurement


  • Construction cost

    23,000,000 €

  • Service phases

    2 – 9 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Gerald Krüger
    Andrea Varel
    Matthias Gall
    Tatiana Trindade

  • Awards

    1. Price competition
    German Design Award
    BDA Preis Brandenburg 
    BUILD Architecture Award
    DA! Ausstellung Berlin

  • Nomination

    The Plan Award