Vorplatz des Gymnasiums Großburgwedel.


Gymnasium Grossburgwedel

Gymnasium Grossburgwedel is a sprawling school outside the town centre of Burgwedel. The school has certainly experienced a lot, and what stood out as a modern school in the 1960s has been remodelled several times. This has not always been beneficial to the character of the building. So the task is not only partial demolition, refurbishment and extension, but also sharpening the original character of the building and its impression as a public place. Not demure, but not forceful either. Sehw has chosen a concept for the façade that creates an analogy to the original building and follows a frame and infill principle of post-war modernism. Due to its special function, the auditorium is given a homogenising envelope of shiny expanded metal and thus stands out from the ensemble, which will accommodate over 1,000 students after completion.

Vorplatz des Gymnasiums Großburgwedel.
  • Project type


  • Purpose


  • GFA

    9,656 m²

  • Project status

    Planning stage

  • Period

    2019 – 2026

  • Procurement

    Public tendering process

  • Awards

    Contract awarded

  • Construction cost

    35,630,000 €

  • Service phases

    1 – 9 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Antonio Carvalho
    Joachim de Vriese
    Dominik Lippl
    Oya Sönmez