Blick nach oben in den Himmel zwischen den Gebäudne im Quartier Theaterplatz in Berlin Hellersdorf.

The sky above Berlin

Vibrant neighborhood in Hellersdorf

Back in the 1980s, Bruno Ganz sat on the Victory Column in Tiergarten as the angel Damiel in Wim Wenders' film "The Sky Over Berlin" and looked out over the city. Today, Damiel's desire to participate in the lives of mortals and their emotional world would take him to Hellersdorf. As a meandering large-scale form inscribed in the large housing estate from the 1980s, a new lively quarter is being created on Theaterplatz. Originally named after a cabaret stage on the site, around 500 rental apartments, local amenities, a daycare center, school, restaurants and a neighborhood meeting place will be built there over the next few years. The meandering form is dominated by two high-rises, each with 15 storeys, which clearly tower over the mostly six-storey existing buildings and thus formulate a gateway effect from Brandenburg towards Berlin. The high-rises communicate formally with each other in that the façades are based on the same grid, one building has balconies hanging in front of it and thus appears very playful and light, while the other at the front on Lous-Lewin-Straße has loggias and thus very seriously marks the prelude to Theaterplatz. The entire complex is surrounded by an outdoor space consisting of individual slabs, which in turn have different qualities and zone the large open space. The legal planning basis for the further development of the project is currently being drawn up as part of a development plan procedure.

Straßenfassaden der Gebäude im Quartier Theaterplatz in Berlin Hellersdorf.
  • Project type

    Urban Design
    New construction

  • Purpose


  • GFA

    48,900 m²

  • Project status

    Planning stage

  • Period

    2020 – 2022

  • Procurement

    planning procedure

  • Construction cost

    107,000,000 €

  • Service phases

    1 – 2 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Susanne Boss
    Achim Eilmsteiner
    Jennifer Reufels