Perspektive zum Kohlenbunker der


Coal bunker ensemble, Gelsenkirchen

Sustainable, networked, communal – that’s how we want to live in the future. A visible sign of this statement is the design for the revitalisation of the coal bunker ensemble. The Greentower with its staircase and circulation sculpture creates a new urban figure. The exaggeration of the extension with dense greenery results in an iconic silhouette. The reactivation of the coal bunker as an energy storage facility in reference to its original function completes the concept. Whereas fossil fuels were previously stored here, the existing hoppers are now being converted into salt water batteries for the storage of sustainably generated energy. The ensemble thus takes on a relevant task in the energy transition and is exemplary for a climate-friendly reuse of large industrial buildings. “Overall, the project is convincing due to its clear basic conceptual approach,” was the jury’s verdict.

Perspektive zur Kohlenwäsche mit dem Nordsternturm des Kohlenbunkerensembles in Gelsenkirchen.

„Visible transformation from fossil fuel storage to a reservoir of sustainably produced energy“

Perspektive zur Erschließungsskulptur des in Gelsenkirchen.
  • Project type

    Re-Use & Extension

  • Purpose


  • GFA

    4,417 m²

  • Project status


  • Period


  • Procurement


  • Awards

    2. Prize

  • Construction cost

    11,900,000 €

  • Service phases

    1 – 2 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Ilona Ahmeti
    Susanne Boss,
    Nadine Kopetzki
    Jennifer Reufels
    Daniel Spievak

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