Postblockareal Süd Bundesministerium Berlin

Woven Urban Structure

Federal Ministry Berlin

The new ministerial building is characterised by a well thought-out spatial concept that takes into account the quality of the interior spaces, access and lighting. The cubature is characterised by interlocking and staggered blocks, resulting in a well structured building. This is arranged around four courtyards and thus references the typical Berlin Hobrecht architecture. The spacious foyer has a transparent design and offers a view of the inner courtyard. Official entrances for ministers and state visits are also located here. The Magistrale leads to the semi-public areas, which are arranged around the south-west inner courtyard. These areas include the cafeteria, the library and the conference centre. The attractive zone is also visible from the public outdoor space and allows views into the ministry.

Postblockareal Süd Bundesministerium Berlin

The main corridor stretches from east to west and serves as the main vertical access to all floors. Cascading staircases connect the floors and create a central meeting point for informal communication and encounters. The office floors are adjoined by meeting zones with two-storey foyers. The ring-shaped lower office floors lead to building blocks on the upper floors. These blocks offer exits to the adjoining roof terraces at different levels and reserve space on the top floor for the minister and other service areas.

The use of wood as a building material, natural ventilation with a night purge function, a reduced technology concept, green roofs with photovoltaic elements, green inner courtyards and geothermal energy for power generation make a major contribution to the sustainability of the building.

Postblockareal Süd Bundesministerium Berlin
  • Project type

    New construction

  • Purpose


  • GFA

    50,100 m²

  • Project status


  • Period


  • Construction cost

    256,490,000 €

  • Service phases

    1 – 2(HOAI)

  • Project team

    Susanne Boss
    Nadine Kopetzki
    Dragana Savic

  • Cooperation

    Ferrier Marchetti Studio Paris

  • Renderings