Polizeihof des sanierten Bestandes und Neubaus des Polizeireviers Werdau.

Rough structure and fine texture

Police station, Werdau

As part of the reform of the police structure in the Free State of Saxony, the patrol and criminal investigation service is being centralised at the Werdau site. In order to meet future space requirements, the police station is to be extended into the neighbouring listed building of the former district court. The new functions will be organised in the existing buildings and a new intermediate and connecting building. The new building serves as a link between the existing buildings and will be used for the emergency vehicles and meeting areas. The uses of the criminal investigation and patrol service as well as the new police station, administration and management level animate the existing building. The new building mediates between the different heights of the existing buildings and the topography of the site. As a contrast to the heavy existing buildings with their quarry stone plinths, rendered façades and steep roofs, the intermediate building presents itself with a lightweight cladding of fine yet robust metal mesh appropriate to its use. The result is an exciting composition of old and new, which creates a sense of identity for the police at the site and is associated with openness and proximity to the public.

  • Project type


  • Purpose


  • GFA

    3,714 m²

  • Project status

    Construction stage

  • Period

    2017 – 2022

  • Construction cost

    9,600,000 €

  • Service phases

    2 – 9 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Alexander Wild
    Julia von Reden
    Hanna Heber
    Thomas Pracht