Sehw Architektur plant die Grund- und Mittelschule Berching.

Outside the city gates

Elementary and middle school, Berching

The new primary and secondary school building creates an ensemble of three clearly defined, compact structures, each realised in one construction phase. As a direct neighbour of the listed town centre, the roof shape of the cubes reflects the gabled houses of the medieval town centre. The main entrance, which is orientated towards Schulstrasse, is accessed via a spacious forecourt, which provides an attractive appearance. It features a stage that can be opened up to the outside and can also be used for events and concerts (not only) organised by the school. The main entrance leads to the central circulation axis, from which all areas of the school can be accessed quickly via the staircase in the central section. Also connected to the main entrance is the heart of the school with the assembly hall and canteen, which can be flexibly combined, as well as the library and the areas of the administration that are frequented by visitors. The administrative areas are not connected to the main hall but are linked via the adjoining staircase to the educators' café above and other educators' areas. These areas are broken up by interspersed terraces.

Sehw Architektur plant die Grund- und Mittelschule Berching.

The ground floor also houses the technical room cluster, which is connected to the heart of the school via the main corridor with alternating views in and out of the sports hall and the schoolyard. On the first floor, the two outer structures contain two identical clusters, each with four classrooms, a differentiation room, a loggia as a green classroom and an inner courtyard. All rooms are grouped around the market square, which acts as a central learning and meeting area and enables individual and independent learning. By dividing the marketplace into different zones, differentiated areas for movement, retreat, experimentation and research can be designed to meet the individual needs of the children, while the entire space remains visible from the teacher’s base. Underlined by the construction as a timber system building, the result is an authentic, sustainable learning centre that creates a sense of identity.

  • Project type

    New construction

  • Purpose


  • GFA

    12,900 m²

  • Project status

    Planning stage

  • Period

    2022 – 2028

  • Procurement

    Public tendering process

  • Awards

    Contract awarded

  • Service phases

    1 – 9 (HOAI)

  • Project team

    Ilona Ahmeti
    Susanne Boss
    Till Brasche
    Nadine Kopetzki
    Mara Kurenbach
    Jennifer Reufels
    Dragana Savic
    Daniel Spievak
    Tatiana Trindade
    Andrea Varel
    Julia von Reden

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